Beautiful wood barrels at craft beer tours

Craft Beer Tours FAQ

What is included on the tour?
The price of your tour includes a safe, fun ride on our beautiful new 12-passenger van, guided tastings and brewery tours, all beer/cider samples, attentive service and lots of interesting, useful beer facts from your knowledgeable tour guide, snacks, bottled water and special take-home gifts. Some of our private tours also include a full lunch – please see tour descriptions for details.
Where does the tour meet, and where can I park during my tour?
For private tours we offer door to door service, so parking won’t be a concern for you. For public tours, parking varies by which tour you take, for both Greenville and Hendersonville. There is free parking available for all but one of these locations – that is the Saturday Afternoon Delight Tour in Greenville, which meets at the VisitGreenvilleSC Visitor Center on Main Street.

When you book your tour, you will receive instructions on meeting location in your booking confirmation.

Can we drink beer on the van?
For public tours, no (it is actually against the law in South Carolina). The goal here is for a safe, fun learning experience, and we think you’ll find there is plenty of beer offered on our tours at the breweries for a fun time. For bachelor/bachelorette parties and other private tours, however, where we offer door-to-door pick-up and drop-off right at your home or hotel, we will offer beer on the van (in North Carolina only).
What if I don’t drink craft beer but still want to take the tour?
First, we hope you will give beer a try. We get excited about introducing wine drinkers, spirits drinkers and Bud/Miller/Coors drinkers to craft beer, as there are so many different styles available – from light to dark, from sweet to spicy, from wine-like to bourbon-like – to suit many different tastes. It’s also fun to try the beers that you’re learning about from your tour guide and/or the brewery owner.

However, if you just don’t like beer, are allergic to it, or simply don’t drink at all, we respect that, and so we gladly offer a discounted Non-Drinker ticket ($29 for public tours). You’ll still have fun and learn a lot.

Please note, however, that your tour guide will not serve any alcohol to those who have purchased a Non-Drinker ticket.

What kinds of things will I learn on the tour?
You’re in for a treat! By the time you’re done with our tour, you’ll gain a new understanding and appreciation for craft beer, the industry as a whole, the amazing people behind it, and the flourishing craft-beer culture here in the Carolinas You’ll learn everything from how beer is made to why beer looks, smells and tastes the way it does, tricks of the trade on how to serve and taste beer, the history of many different beer styles, and even how to impress your friends with a dinner party matching food and beer.
What is an appropriate amount to tip my tour guide?
Tips are not required but certainly appreciated for our tour guides if you feel they gave you a great Experience. Industry standard is 15-20 percent, but any amount is appreciated.
What if I don’t feel comfortable driving following the tour?
Despite offering a moderate amount of beer on our tours, we strongly recommend arranging for a safe ride upon completion of your tour. In the event you cannot, or forgot, we will gladly arrange for a ride from a taxi or Uber. In some cases, if you’re staying close by, we’ll even take you to your hotel personally after the tour. Remember, safety comes first!
Can I purchase beer and/or merchandise on my own at the breweries?
Yes! We leave time for this on each stop, and encourage you to do so. We even have coolers with ice on the van for you to keep your six-packs and growlers cold until the tour is finished. You’re also welcome to purchase a pint of beer/cider to consume at the brewery/cidery, but please keep in mind that you do so at your own risk for excessive consumption, as we feel we provide a sufficient amount of beer that’s included on the tour.
Have any other questions? Feel free to call us at 828.216.1343 or email us at